lørdag den 7. november 2015

Info graphic workshop with John Miers

Here is some of the different assignments that I did 
during a workshop on info graphics or how to use 
sequentiel art as a communication tool to explain abstract infomation.

One of the first assignments was to listen the a story from the BBC 
radio show the listening project and translate the story into a 3 panel strip.

Another assignment was to wright/draw an essay. I choose 
to wright about the connection between art and magic. Mixing some of 
Alan Moore's thoughts on the subject and a couple of Arthur C. Clarke quotes about predicting the 

We also had to explain a feeling or state of mind
without using words. I choose stubborness 

In the final assignment we pretty much free hands to do 
what we want. I really wanted to try and use a info graphic kind of approach in a more 
narrative story.  

fredag den 9. oktober 2015

week 2 w. Matt Forsythe adventure time design test

Here is my designs for an old adventure time design test, that I made during our second week with Matt Forsythe

Special poses


Turn around 

Redesign of a scavenger character

Toxic pool

Impact in water splash FX

søndag den 4. oktober 2015

Adventure time Concept design w. Matt Forsythe

At the moment we have a two week workshop with former Adventure time lead designer and cartoonist Matt Forsythe. The workshop is about designing for an existing Ip. We were split into
groups and assigned an episode and a design list.  
Here is the concepts I made this week for the Simon and Marcy episode. 

mandag den 7. september 2015

Back to school w. Ed Piskor

Here some pages from our first workshop in this semester. 
The workshop focused on the visual part graphic storytelling. 
We had to get the story across without the use of words, including sound and signs.

The birth and death of Earth

Hansel and Gretel

Comedian fail

 Two people getting chased by the cops. One gets cought, one gets away.

Reworking an old page


Bad news

Superhero origin

Dare devil

mandag den 8. juni 2015


Here is the opening/prologue 10 page for a graphic novel that I wrote drew during a 5 week workshop w. David Hine and Ilya.  So far I have written the synopsis and outline.
 My plan is to thumbnail as much as possible over the summer and work on it outside of school. It's still in the early stages so there is still a long way to go. But here is a small discription

Whitefall is a 150+ pg graphic novel, b5 format.
Its a fantasy/folktale taking place in the real world about how loss can lead to greater things.
The story is set in a small northern town called Whitefall, where trolls have been living in the surrounding woods and mountains for thousands of years. But this is only known by Hector, the keeper of the woods.

The old troll king has leaves his throne and three trolls court the voice under the mountain to become
the next king. In the story we follow the pregnant police officer Malina’s journey as she gets a case about a missingfamily with a sole witness the simple minded changling Adelmo.

søndag den 24. maj 2015


I have been pretty busy in school lately. But somehow I found the time to illustrate a danish Sci/fi superhero novel written by Emil Blichfeldt, Calibat.  The book is in danish and hopefully it'll be out at Copenhagen Comics in a couple of weeks, for a very reasonable price. The story takes place in the same univers as the Jonni Necronic books. 

 I really got to push myself on this since the deadline was pretty tight ( a month) and I had to do it in the afterschool hours. So I've haven't had time to post as much. 

 I've also just finished the outline for my first larger comicbook 150+ pages in school. The first 10 pages have to be done in 2 weeks so I'll have some more stuff to show soon.

There might be some minor spoilers in the illustrations