lørdag den 7. november 2015

Info graphic workshop with John Miers

Here is some of the different assignments that I did 
during a workshop on info graphics or how to use 
sequentiel art as a communication tool to explain abstract infomation.

One of the first assignments was to listen the a story from the BBC 
radio show the listening project and translate the story into a 3 panel strip.

Another assignment was to wright/draw an essay. I choose 
to wright about the connection between art and magic. Mixing some of 
Alan Moore's thoughts on the subject and a couple of Arthur C. Clarke quotes about predicting the 

We also had to explain a feeling or state of mind
without using words. I choose stubborness 

In the final assignment we pretty much free hands to do 
what we want. I really wanted to try and use a info graphic kind of approach in a more 
narrative story.  

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