tirsdag den 21. oktober 2014

Pantomime w. Mårdøn Smet

Here is a 2 page Word less comic I did in a Pantomime comics workshop with danish cartoonist Mårdøn Smet

the assignment was to convey this Diogenes quote

When asked whether death is an evil, he said "How can it be an evil; when we are not even aware of it when it arrives?"  

without using words.

onsdag den 8. oktober 2014

Poe adaptation w. David Hine

Hey here is the roughs to a Sci-fi adoptation of Edgar A. Poe's "The masque of the Red Death" I did during a two week workshop with David Hine. There is still some minor storytelling issues that I have to fix. My plan is to paint it at some point since  color play a big part in the story. We also did a page from the script of Dave Hine's latest comic, an adoptation of Victor Hugo's "The man who Laughs". Great comic by the way.

Above: Color thumbnails

 Above: Alt. version of a page from a man who laughs