mandag den 23. februar 2015

Weekend assignment w. Ed Piskor

Here's two narrative versions of a strip based on the Burst girl world I'm working on. I wanted a sort of old school narrative like Hal Foster's Prince Valiant telling the story with narration only. I also experimented  with a narration that was boiled down to only hinting at the narrative and mood. The next assignment is 4 pages and a coverposter for friday morning.


fredag den 20. februar 2015

torsdag den 19. februar 2015

First few drawings from Ed Piskor workshop

The thing we did was to just draw something cool. So I drew a rocket girl because I've started to draw them as a sort have sketch theme for just drawing something cool. I then decided to go a bit further with it during this workshop with Ed Piskor. The plan so far is to make it into a one panel web comic inspired by Travis Charest's Space girl. But for now it is just exploration. The first illustration is a bit more cartoony than the character turnarounds and I actually like it the most. So I think that I'm going to stir it more towards that style. It was all done in Manga studio and need to figure out how to paint probably in it.

tirsdag den 3. februar 2015

Mike Mignola style exercise w. Rune Ryberg

Here is a page done in the style of  Mike Mignola.

Our teacher  Rune Ryberg gave us the dialog, which is from Reservoir Dogs if anyone was finding it familiar, and had to come up with a scene in Mignola's style. 

Illustration workshop w. Simon Væth v.02

Illustrations for an article about stress

Tour poster assignment for the band MOTH. We had a small competition that where I won a shared 2nd place with my classmate Emil

Historical illustrations for a fictive Danish history book.
I set my render goals a bit to high on this one since we only had 4 days, but it was fun.

Above: Cover