onsdag den 22. januar 2014

World Creation and story W. Steve Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen

Steve Seagle
The first assignment in Steve's workshop was to autobio in 6 min and then we switched stories and got 1h 30min to tell the story in 3 panels. 

9 panel story based on the world "Woodstick" we created during the week.
We also had to re-write another's 12 page autobiographical comic from last semester. The assignment was inspired by the comic Steve and Teddy made called The red diary/The re(a)d diary. I got Cathrin's http://cathrinpeterslund.blogspot.dk/ story

Teddy Kristiansen

The first assignment was to improve the first comic from the week before

Then we had to choose a character or slice from Steve and Teddy'  comic house of secrets. We then had to make a story where we used the style to amplify the situation and feeling in the scene. 

We had to tell a story about a person in love without mentioning Love, or the lover and a mother who had lost her son in a war with mentioning war, the son, death. There had to be the same building and weather in the stories.  

The final page assignment was to make a comic from an anecdote from a historical figure. I chose Freud.

Most of the stuff only had to be turned in as sketches since we didn't have that much time for each assignment.

søndag den 12. januar 2014

weekend photoshop fun

We had a small photoshop course this weekend. Most of it I knew but I picked up a few hot keys and I got to play around a bit and finally made a concert scene here is the result. (MORE SMOKE WUHUU)

ps. We had an awesome weekend with Steven T. Seagle this week. More about that next weekend since it's some what combined with the coming week with Teddy Kristiansen.