mandag den 8. juni 2015


Here is the opening/prologue 10 page for a graphic novel that I wrote drew during a 5 week workshop w. David Hine and Ilya.  So far I have written the synopsis and outline.
 My plan is to thumbnail as much as possible over the summer and work on it outside of school. It's still in the early stages so there is still a long way to go. But here is a small discription

Whitefall is a 150+ pg graphic novel, b5 format.
Its a fantasy/folktale taking place in the real world about how loss can lead to greater things.
The story is set in a small northern town called Whitefall, where trolls have been living in the surrounding woods and mountains for thousands of years. But this is only known by Hector, the keeper of the woods.

The old troll king has leaves his throne and three trolls court the voice under the mountain to become
the next king. In the story we follow the pregnant police officer Malina’s journey as she gets a case about a missingfamily with a sole witness the simple minded changling Adelmo.

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