søndag den 24. maj 2015


I have been pretty busy in school lately. But somehow I found the time to illustrate a danish Sci/fi superhero novel written by Emil Blichfeldt, Calibat.  The book is in danish and hopefully it'll be out at Copenhagen Comics in a couple of weeks, for a very reasonable price. The story takes place in the same univers as the Jonni Necronic books. 

 I really got to push myself on this since the deadline was pretty tight ( a month) and I had to do it in the afterschool hours. So I've haven't had time to post as much. 

 I've also just finished the outline for my first larger comicbook 150+ pages in school. The first 10 pages have to be done in 2 weeks so I'll have some more stuff to show soon.

There might be some minor spoilers in the illustrations

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