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Artistic methods w. Frank Santoro

The first assignment was to copy 2 pages from Tyler Landry one 
 of Frank Santoro's former students. We copied each panel separately in color pencil. Drawing the color first and then doing the outline.   

Later we redrew a page on tracing paper to explore different variations

We then took that page and xeroxed it. Doing that left us with the same page only in graytone values. We then had to recolor it using only one color.

 2nd Assignment
We storyboarded a 4 page story that had to take place in a car.

3rd assignment 

This assignment was sort of a combination of the 2 previous assignments. We had to storyboard 64 panels on notecards in 3 hours (though spend a little more) it was still fast. This then worked as the first draft of a script. Doing the panels separately made it easier to edit if a panel didn't work and you could move things around as you wanted. Afterward we taped the panel to a from a 8 panel grid and made a template showing the golden means and put it on top. Htis was to show that eventhough composed separately it still fitted into the larger comp.

I then xeroxed the pages and did the pencils on top. These were done in about a day and a half

Here are some ink tests


Digital ink

Color test


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