torsdag den 19. december 2013

Christmass update

Here is some of the things I've been doing for the last few months. I've been quit busy I haven't been the as consistent as I wanted to. 
We had a classic drawing workshop with  Artem Alexev, Professor of Fine Arts from the St. Petersburg Academy of the Arts. 

portrait of my classmate Albert

3 min. inkwash croquis

A couple of ink croquis. I think it was 10 min.
We had another drawing workshop with Lawrence Marvit. The workshop focused on drawing perpective and contrucktion, etc. constructing objekts into general shapes so they appear more dimensional.
The first assignment was to design an Atlantian weapon/Underwater weapon. Using only lines. I came up with  this underwater sonic amplifier helmet inspired by a spermwhales sonic attack.
The next assignment was to do an epic environment of Atlantis using only lines.

For the last assignment was to draw a grayscale interior perspective scene. We could choose to either draw an antique shop or a Sci-fi lab. I of course chose the sci-fi lab. 

Our last workshop of the semester was with Matt Madden. The workshop was based on Matt Madden's book "99 ways to tell a story". We had to make a template 1 page comic from a script had made.
Student 1 drawing a comic in a classroom
Student 2 enters
S2 sits down next to S1
S1 slids the page to S2
S1 says "She's all yours"
S2 starts to draw 
The workshop's goal was to show how setting obstructions for your story, can free it rather then kill it. The idea is inspired by "The 5 obstructions" with Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth. 

 Above: The story made in the style of Illustrator/Comic artist Dave Cooper

Above: Story in pencil POV

Above: The last assingment was to make obstruction for a classmate. My classmate Jam found quit amusing to force me to make Manga Lucky Star style.
Well I wish every a Marry Christmass. I promise to try and be better at upload what I next year.
Happy year Zero ;)

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