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Basics of sequential art w. Thomas Thorhauge, Johan F. Krarup, Lars Hornemann

After Paul Karasik's we had the Danish cartoonist Thomas Thorhauge. We had 1 hours to brainstorm a sentence for a setting, where a story could take place. We then had 3 hours to make a sketch of our idea. I came up with this early Victorian circus powered by windmills.
I had an Idea of making a sort of clean steam punk world were everything was powered by clean power sources. Then have some sort of crazy inventor, who discovers oil powered engines or something like that. BUT...
We had to pass our concept on to the one sitting next to us. Based on that concept setting we then had to make new concepts and a story idea. I got this very rough sketch from my classmate Bob.
I then tried out some different ideas and styles
I had decided the week before that I would work with my layout. Especially the time aspect in the comic format. Since you are able some different forms of time simultaneously, as apposed to forms like storyboarding, which is more fixes to show time chronologically.
So I decided to try and make a comic that was both readable as one long continuous drawing and a normal booklet turn a page when folded.
Like this 
We then had to pitch our stories to the class. Since I focused more on the format I made a simple story about a hungry secretary and a delivery boy. We had an hour and a half to thumbnail it out, so there wasn't that much time to experiment with the panels things like that. But my idea was that the panels formed an eternity symbol when stretched out.
I called the story Samsara after the Buddhist wheel of life, seeing it as a form of a surreal never ending waiting line. Having this in mind I would have the waiting people in the middle of the page passing their heads along.
 I did this to give a sense time passing and movement, as well as a symbol of reincarnation. The main story would then be told in the panels forming the eternity symbol. Having the two main characters' story being told simultaneously and switching panel line in the middle, at the crossing of lines in the eternity symbol.      
Since I complicated things this much for myself(again). It was a relief when we had to ink a page for one of the others stories. I got Clara's Viking story and decided do it in watercolor
I didn't have time to quite as much as I wanted but it turned out okay. I can't find the original pencil but here is her blog http://www.claracomics.blogspot.dk/.
We finally got to inking our own comic but only had 2 and a half days to so. I combined the pencils in a single document inked like that to have a better overview. I then cut it up into single pages for print. This is the result. I'm planning to re-ink it by hand and do grayscale in digitally, but it's going to take some time since it is going to be in my spare time.   


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