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First class with Paul Karasik + assignment

In the first class with Paul Karasik we where introduced to different elements in telling a story with pictures through an old newspaper strip called Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller.  

What to think of 
when telling a story through pictures

shown through a Nancy strip

Engage the reader

Nancy's back is towards to reader, which makes the reader put him/herself in Nancy's shoes.
The place is established by slightly showing the start of a fence and a vanishing line textured as grass, making the reader create his own picture of a backyard.

The middle panel lets the reader think by not showing Nancy, where is she etc.. and also gives a sense of time passing.
In the last panel the picture stops before the action so the reader has to picture the outcome. The tension is magnified by the four water drops near the start of the hose. The four water drops shows that the water isn't just turned on but there's a high pressure. The lines in the fence gives a sense pressure/rhythm building up as well as creating depth. The crosshatching above the fence, gives a feeling of looming danger and depth. Nancy is also bigger in the last panel so we know she's on top of the situation.

Options of change from panel to panel:
Point of view
Leading the eye:
Use negative spaces to lead the eye through the panels(in this case the solid blacks)
In the first panel the chars form an arrow pointing right going through the black in the second panel along the hose in panel 3 ending in Sluggo's shirt, eventually forming a traingle shape in the end.
The repetition in text work like the porridge in Goldielock and the three bears.

The last balloon helps to the aggressive feel in sluggo's pose.

First assignment
complete the last panel in a Nancy strip here's my take on it, trying to implement to some of the above.
I'll try and post as often as possible    

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